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What Temporary Changes can be Found at Roadworks

By: Simon McBride - Updated: 22 May 2015 | comments*Discuss
What Temporary Changes Can Be Found At Roadworks

Roadworks throw up temporary changes to signage, road layout and more often than not speed limits.

Many roadworks can now be carried out without having to close the entire road. There are many different types of roadworks in today’s world.

Minimum Fuss

One type of roadworks can be managed with the minimum amount of fuss to motorists. This is when the contractors only need to fix small parts of the motorway network at a time.

The contractors do this by setting up an area to work (this is usually done at night as there is less traffic) that is protected by a large stationary or slow-moving vehicle with a sign mounted on the back to warn motorists of the workmen’s presence.

Usually on a motorway the speed limit for motorists travelling through a road works will be regulated to a lowered speed limit this is usually down to 40mph or 50mph.

Single Carriageway

If work is being carried out on a single carriageway then the works will have a speed limit of 30mph and the site will always be on the near side of the road while a ‘keep right’ sign will be mounted on the rear of the vehicle so that is protecting the workmen.

The vehicles that are protecting the workmen will usually have amber flashing lights on the roof so that motorists can tell that they need to take extra care when approaching this part of the road network.

Mandatory Speed Limit

Roadworks usually have a mandatory speed limit for the duration of the works, advance warning to motorists is usually sign posted well in advance, however the Highways Agency has confirmed that this is likely to change and that there will be no more advance warning signs for the change in speed limit.

In future the first speed limit sign will be where the roadworks speed limit applies from. The national speed limit re-applies where the temporary mandatory speed limit ends, this is indicated by the "End of Road Works" sign.

Temporary Measure

Another temporary measure that can be taken to protect workmen as they improve the roads can be the introduction of the "Stop/Go" boards. These have been used for decades and are still in use today especially when works are taking place on outer urban roads during the day.

When the work is completed the road will return to normal and the traffic flow will not be regulated by the "Stop/Go" boards any longer.

Lane Closures

If you are travelling on a dual carriageway or a motorway you should take heed that lane closures can come into play when travelling through a roadworks. These can be in any lane and if the overtaking lane is closed then traffic may be permitted to use the hard shoulder as a lane but only if obstructed by the roadworks signs.

If lanes are closed for roadworks then the reason for this is to protect the workmen as they try to complete their job on time and in a safe manner.

More than one vehicle is usually deployed to protect these closed lanes and all vehicles will be brightly lit and have amber flashing lights on the roof. To reassure drivers, a well-lit arrow may show you that this lane is closed and that you should move your vehicle in the required direction.

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I I was driving on a road that had 20 mph due to stone chips its 40 mph usually the stone chips laid a while ago. To my horror a mobile speed van was there other side of road will I be fined I was doing 40 the usual speed
kaz - 22-May-15 @ 12:59 PM
@JonT. The signs indicating where the speed limit starts are usually pretty clear. If they are giving advance warning of limit change, they will state that: e.g "50mph limit ahead" etc
TrafficSignsAndMeanings - 4-Sep-14 @ 10:37 AM
Hi i was driving down the motorway last night and i was approaching some Rd works i was lead to believe you can do the national speed limit until you reach the Rd works there was 50 mph signs way before the Rd works and i got flashed off some device what appereared to be behind the safety barrier on the hard shoulder will that be a speed camera and will i be prosecuted for speeding regards jon
Jon T - 3-Sep-14 @ 1:31 PM
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